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Are Sunrooms Worth the Cost? Sunroom Pro’s & Con’s for 2023

David Cerrone - Tuesday, November 01, 2022
Are Sunrooms Worth the Cost? Sunroom Pro’s & Con’s for 2023

Sunrooms, solariums, and conservatories are quite similar and all very sunny. A Sunroom is an addition to your home that is filled with windows around the perimeter, and sometimes even above your head. Sunrooms are built with a solid roof or a glass-paneled roof, and even with the solid roof, many homeowners opt for a few Skylights to be put into their new Sunroom.

From simple enclosed patio spaces to high-end glass conservatories and wood-lined sunrooms, Fitch Construction can provide the right solution to meet your expectations. From the much appreciated and yet simple “Catio” (a patio that your pets will enjoy) to the highly valued all-glass Solarium, Fitch Construction can build your dream Sunroom. Begin the process today by calling for your free In-Home Design Consultation.

The Bottom Line is an Increase to Your Home’s Value

For many homeowners, the bottom line regarding “if a Sunroom is worth the cost” is dependent upon seeing an increase in their home’s value. As we all know, investments into your home can and do increase the value of your home. However, often the valuation increase for a home improvement project is less than 50% of the total project cost.

Yet, with Sunrooms, the increase to your home’s value typically exceeds 50% of the Sunroom’s cost. Even better yet, some real estate experts say you can see your home’s value increase by up to 80% of a Sunroom’s cost, so long as you have the right design and use the best materials. That’s where Fitch Construction comes into play, as we provide a professional Designer to design and plan-out the best Sunroom that meets your needs using the highest quality source materials and name-brands products.

The True Emotional Bottom Line for a New Sunroom Addition

For some homeowners, the true bottom line regarding building a new Sunroom addition is the emotional impact their new sun-filled room can engender. Not only do you increase the livable square footage in your home, but you also create the perfect new environment for family get-togethers. Plus, your new Sunroom will be the ideal location to host parties and social events for your friends and neighbors.

Whenever a Sunroom is installed, family fun and great conversations always seem to follow.

Enjoy a Bug-Free Afternoon in the Sun

One thing that we often hear from our Sunroom customers is that they now enjoy “bug-free” afternoons and evenings, even though they feel they are “outside and in nature.” Our Sunrooms create a unique fusion between nature and your home, allowing you to engage in more natural sunlight. And we know from multiple studies, increasing exposure to direct sunlight has many positive health effects, such as increasing your vitamin D intake, while also improving your mood.

Remember those family get-togethers on a picnic table at the park? Often rain or inclement weather dampened the moods of all involved. This does not happen with a Sunroom. If the weather is not perfect outside, you can be inside and yet feel as though you’re still outside with all the windows your sunroom has. Sunrooms make social events that much better by providing a truly enriching ambience that endures day or night, in good weather as well as bad.

Sunrooms are Absolutely Worth the Cost!

The list of positives from installing a Sunroom is lengthy, but can be summarized as follows:

  • Sunrooms Add More Dollar Value to your Home
  • Sunrooms Add More “Sun-Filled” Livable Space to your Home
  • Sunrooms Create a unique Fusion between Nature and your Home
  • Sunrooms are Versatile and function for entertaining guests OR having a movie night with your family

At Fitch Construction over the past few years, we have installed dozens of Sunrooms as the popularity of our Sun-filled Additions continues to increase. From our first Sunroom installation back in the mid-1980’s until our most recent installations in 2022, our dedication to providing the best solution for our customers has never waned. Call Fitch Construction now for your free In-Home Design Consultation and begin the process today!