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How To Remodel Your Home And Still Save For A Vacation!

David Cerrone - Saturday, October 01, 2022
How To Remodel Your Home And Still Save For A Vacation!

Economic uncertainties are still being discussed by mainstream media as 2022 has offered a mixed bag of economic news. In light of high inflation, the potential for a recession has caused many people to think that the possibility of personal enrichment is down to a single choice. A matter of “one or the other” in regard to improving their home OR enjoying a family vacation. 

As we’ve seen from the Department of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate in the US is down to a historic low of 3.5% (as of Sep 2022). Regardless of how many fear-mongering pundits put it, low unemployment typically highlights a good economic forecast for our country.

Careful Planning Paves The Way!

So, how do you take advantage of today’s economy to provide a home improvement project and a well-earned vacation?

First, steady and even-handed planning can pave the way for new home improvement projects to occur while still being able to afford a vacation. Go ahead and envision your house with a new sunroom or addition, a new skylight or roof window, a new front entry door, or a sliding glass patio door. Your home is your castle, which deserves improvement while it houses you and your family.

Construction Workers

Careful planning can help you find a way to afford both a vacation and a home improvement project. Sometimes, it may be a matter of changing your vacation plans to allow more funds to be paid to the craftsmen who will remodel your home. Other times the opposite may be true, and you may have all the funds you wish to have for your vacation - on top of remodeling your home.


How To Make A Home Improvement Project AND A Vacation Possible

After the ups and downs that inevitably occur with any major renovation, you may feel a pull toward heading off on a vacation. Heck, you deserve it! So, in addition to careful planning, here’s another possibility for having enough money left-over to afford a vacation.

EnerBank - No interest for 6 months!

Our relationship with EnerBank USA allows us to provide financing options to our customers that provide tens of thousands of dollars for financing home improvement projects with no payments and no interest for 6 months!” This makes it much easier to enjoy a new sunroom or a fabulous deck and still have the funds for a wonderful vacation.

Remodeled Basement

LendKey - Loans as high as $75,000 up to 15 years

We also have an approved relationship with another loan source, LendKey. This source of financing allows for loans up to $75,000 with repayment terms of up to 15 years. This provides a repayment method that extends to many years for approved customers.


Home Equity Loans

Finally, one more potential idea for conducting a remodeling project while saving enough money for a much-needed vacation. Many homeowners tell us they re-financed their house with a Home Equity Loan. Since most banks allow for bundling a Home Equity Loan and a mortgage together, the homeowner can make one affordable payment for both. This is another method you could employ to remodel your home and still afford the perfect vacation.


Fitch Construction is determined to help you remodel your home and get you and your family away for a relaxing vacation. Our talented team is here to help you bring your dream home to life. 

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