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Learn How To Brighten Your Home Or Office With Skylights

David Cerrone - Friday, May 20, 2022
Learn How To Brighten Your Home Or Office With Skylights

Installing skylights and sun tunnels has become a popular home improvement project throughout the US. From the east coast to the west coast, homeowners across the country are seeking new ideas for their homes, and “roof windows” are a mainstay for several reasons.

  1. Skylights and sun tunnels are incredibly wholesome as they provide natural lighting from the sun, brightening your home instantly.

  2. Skylights and sun tunnels improve your mood as sunlight is a positive mood enhancer believed to increase the production of serotonin which causes humans to feel happy.

  3. Skylights and sun tunnels are healthy as they allow your body to produce more vitamin D by absorbing the sun’s natural light.

  4. Skylights and sun tunnels are economical as they can reduce energy expenses on lighting.

  5. Solar-powered fresh-air skylights can provide ventilation and improve your home’s air quality.

  6. Velux® skylights are visually impressive as they add a touch of style to your home in a way that nothing else can.

There are lots of reasons to install skylights and sun tunnels. Rooms filled with natural light seem more spacious and lift your spirits while also creating an ambiance that no artificial light source can duplicate.

Why Should You Install Skylights And Sun Tunnels In Your Home?

Investing in your home and creating the perfect space for you and your family will always be an ongoing process.

As a homeowner, you’re probably looking for various ways to enjoy your property even more than you do now; professional designers often suggest adding Velux® skylights and sun tunnels.

Here are some key advantages to installing skylights and sun tunnels in your home.

  • Brighten that dimly lit closet and let the sun’s light in with a sun tunnel.

  • Turn that dark hallway into a well-lit connection between key points in your house with sun tunnels or skylights.

  • Remove that dim task lighting from your workroom and replace it with the sun’s full spectrum light using a sun tunnel.

  • Turn off your fluorescent or LED lighting in the kitchen and let sunlight shower down upon your food preparations with a beautiful Velux® skylight.

  • Flood your dinette or dining room with natural light and foster a spirit of well-being while you eat underneath a skylight.

  • Provide your kids with ample natural lighting from a skylight to improve their mood, stimulate their imaginations, and encourage proper sleep cycles.

Why Should You Install Skylights And Sun Tunnels In Your Office?

Your home isn’t the only place that will benefit from skylights and sun tunnels. If your office is a bit dreary, give your employees access to natural lighting and improve productivity by installing skylights and sun tunnels in your office.

Here are some of the advantages of installing skylights and sun tunnels in your office.

  • Increase your employee’s productivity by stimulating their creativity and improving their moods with skylights.

  • Make your customers feel more relaxed and foster the spirit of cooperation with ample lighting provided by skylights and sun tunnels.

  • Save on your daytime lighting costs by utilizing the sun’s natural light to illuminate your retail business or office space.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and decrease energy consumption by harnessing the sun’s natural light in your corporate offices.

  • Both practical and visually impressive, skylights and sun tunnels will provide a luxurious feel to any room.





Photo Ideas for Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Most homeowners like to see photos of other people’s projects as a source of inspiration for their own home improvement projects. Currently, we have 30 photos in our gallery of skylights and sun tunnel projects.

Take some time to browse the photos of past projects we’ve completed. Feel free to print the ones you like the most and jot down any key aspects you like. This will be very helpful when you meet us for your free in-home design consultation.

Skylights and Sun Tunnels Photo Gallery 1 – Fitch Construction – Skylights & Sun Tunnels Image Gallery

Skylights & Sun Tunnels Photo Gallery 2 – Rochester Skylights – Skylights & Sun Tunnels Image Gallery

Bring Light And Life Into Your Home

The Fitch design team is frequently asked to open up and brighten a living space, and one solution our designers often suggest is adding Velux® skylights and sun tunnels to your home.

You can harness the sun’s natural light to bring fresh life into your home or office!

You can also save on the cost of your project by receiving an energy tax credit of 26% in 2022. To qualify for this offer, your skylight must have a solar-powered component. Take a look at our guide here for more details about how to qualify for this price reduction.

Fitch Construction leads the way when it comes to bringing fresh ideas for the good life, and natural lighting is as good as it gets.

Call us today and schedule your free in-home design consultation with a professional designer from our design studio.